I’m a person who loves to create simple solutions.
I have experience in building and maintaining services. I live in Izmir, a lovely city based in Turkey.

On this site, you’ll find the data I’d like to share publicly.
Enjoy exploring.

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I love making open-source projects.
Here are some of them;

Status: Under development.
eBPF-powered L4 package dropper.

Status: Early ages, soon.
Notification Layer of GitHub!

Status: Released, maintaining.
A minimalist Hugo theme designed for portfolio sites.

Status: Up, freezed.
The simplest video conferencing/streaming app.

Status: Up, freezed.
An app shows lyrics and translations for currently playing song in your Spotify account.



  • Go
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • GNU/Linux System Administration
  • Shell Scripting
  • Computer Networks
  • CI/CD


  • Public speaking
  • Participate as a team member


Software Engineer at Acronis

Aug 2021 - Aug 2022 - 1 yr

Acronis is a data protection and cybersecurity company based in Switzerland and Singapore.
The product is used by thousands of companies worldwide.

I’ve been participated in the Cloud Platform team.
The team was responsible for account management and Authn/Authz.

Tech: Go, Python, K6, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, JS

During my employment;

  • Worked on IAM and IdP projects and developed features.
  • Developed and maintained account management API endpoints that receive millions of requests every day.
  • Wrote Ansible playbooks and roles.
  • Wrote Unit, E2E and Perf tests.
Software Engineer at Seo.do

Aug 2020 - July 2021 - 1 yr

Seo.do is a startup based in Turkey and Estonia.
The product provides a solution for SEO rank tracking.

I’ve been participated in the Crawling team.
The team was responsible for collecting data for the product.

Tech: Go, Kubernetes, Knative, Docker, GitLab CI/CD, Datadog

During my employment;

  • Designed and built a crawler project structure that scrapes ~10 million pages per a day and scales well.
  • Built a structure on Knative to serve our all applications.
  • Built CI/CD pipelines for deploying the applications to the platform.
  • Developed and maintained APIs, mostly using Go.
  • Set a monitoring system with Datadog.
Software Engineer at Lab2023

Jan 2019 – Sep 2019 - 9 mos

Lab2023 is a company that provides applications for the clients.
During my employment, I built web services, using Ruby on Rails.

Public Speaking

I love taking parts in events and organizing them.
Here are some photos from the events: Journey

Guest Lecturer at Izmir Science High School

Izmir, Turkey

I talked about philosophy and basics of GNU/Linux to inspire young students.

Asistant Instructor at Free Software Camp

Bolu, Turkey

I was assistant instructor for 2 weeks in the Ruby/Rails class.
This is a camp that aims to raise awareness about free software.

Instructor at Pamukkale University

Denizli, Turkey

I’ve gave bunch of courses about GNU/Linux, DNS, Security and Networking.


Email is the best way to contact me: mailto:[email protected]