Open Source Work

I love making open-source projects.
Here are some of them;

CLI tool for Linux implementing L3/L4 packet dropping with eBPF/Go.
Free video conferencing over WebRTC in Go.
Lyrics and translations for currently playing song in your Spotify account.

A minimalist Hugo theme designed for portfolio sites.


Go, Docker, Kubernetes, Distributed Systems,
GNU/Linux, Shell Scripting, Computer Networks,
Git, CI/CD, Ansible, PostgreSQL, Kafka


Software Engineer, Agent Team at Sematext

Feb 2023 - Present, Remote (Headquarter: USA)

Software Engineer, Cloud Platform Team at Acronis

Aug 2021 - Aug 2022, Remote (Headquarters: Switzerland and Singapore)

As a member of the account management and authn/authz team, I utilized my expertise in Go, Python, K6, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, and JS to contribute to the development and maintenance of the services.

  • Successfully migrated various REST APIs from the Python legacy codebase to the new Go codebase.
  • Contributed to the implementation of a soft-delete feature requested by customers.
  • Developed and maintained account management REST API endpoints that receive millions of requests every day.
  • Wrote K6 performance tests for a new service.
  • Developed a CLI for internal DC registration operations. Wrote Ansible playbooks to handle the registration while production deploying.
Software Engineer, Crawling Team at Wope

Aug 2020 - July 2021, Remote (Headquarters: Turkey and Estonia)

As a founding member of the data crawling team, I utilized my expertise in Go, Kafka, Kubernetes, Knative, Docker, and GitLab CI/CD.

  • Proposed, designed, and implemented a high-performing crawler that scrapes ~10 million pages per day and scales effectively.
  • Utilized a Knative-based serving architecture to handle production traffic.
  • Created CI/CD pipelines for 7 engineers using GitLab, deploying 13 applications.
  • Developed and maintained SEO analyzing tools and REST APIs in Go.
Software Engineer at Lab2023

Oct 2018 – Sep 2019, On-Site (Denizli, Turkey)

I designed and developed Ruby on Rails web services from scratch.


I’ve previously taught the following courses, Journey:

  • Izmir Science High School: philosophy and basics of GNU/Linux to inspire young students.
  • Free Software Camp: assistant lecturer in the Ruby/Rails class for 2 weeks.
  • Pamukkale University: various courses on GNU/Linux, DNS, Security, and Networking.


Computer Engineering, Pamukkale University

Bachelor of Science, 2017 – 2022